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    Cancion Carorena by Rodrigo Riera · Cancion by Rodrigo Riera · Monotonia by Rodrigo Riera · Preludio nº 6 op. 28 Preludio nº 7 Preludio nº 20 para guitarra. Preludio Criollo by Rodrigo Riera (–). Rodrigo Riera Tagged: guitar pro, midi, Rodrigo Riera, sheet music, tablature. Comments. Rodrigo Riera (19 September – 19 August ), was a Venezuelan guitarist and composer. He wrote a vital and important body of works for the guitar.

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    Preludio Criollo Rodrigo Riera Partitura Pdf Download

    Riera: Preludio Criollo (Tab) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Preludio Criollo by Rodrigo Riera - Guitar Sheetmusic / Standard Tuning. Preludio Criollo by Rodrigo Riera guitar. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. preludio criollo riera partitura pdf preludio criollo rodrigo riera partitura pdf preludio criollo rodrigo riera partitura.

    Piano Solo. Media: Softcover. Composer: Blas Galindo. Pickwick Esq. Composer: Various. Composer: Manuel Ponce. Composer: Joaquin Rodrigo.. A fantastic volume of superb Spanish melodies by Venezuelan Rodrigo Riera. Composer: Rodrigo Riera. High Voice. There has been an urgent need for a large collection of art songs in Spanish for voice studios. Surprisingly, a comprehensive publication on this topic has never existed in the American market. This anthology of 50 songs by 15 composers is sure to become a voice studio staple. Media: CD.

    Lauro used the identical title for the first movement of his Suite para piano. The Danza negra is a very difficult piece, frequently selected as the main or final challenge in international guitar contests, demanding not only a mature technique but a solid command of intricate Venezuelan rhythms as well. El Negrito referring to Lauro's youngest son Luis Augusto and La Gatica the kitten, a nickname for his wife were published together in ; they were intended to be played as a pair.

    The first of these, Armida, is a contemplative song named after the composer's sister. Madrugada "before dawn" is an appoggiatura study inspired by one of Sojo's few original works for guitar.

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    Lauro composed this piece in , shortly after the death of his beloved maestro. La Negra was the nickname of Lauro's niece Armida, the daughter of his sister of the same name; this little waltz was composed in August, This said, it can be a tricky piece for students because many times, students approach it as a series of chord changes, i.

    This approach makes it infinitely more difficult to play in time and to maintain the rhythmic integrity of the piece. Instead, prepare only what is necessary and then sequentially place the rest of the fingers as the notes are needed. It also works to understand this before arriving to a chord: certain fingers can begin to relax before the change in order to make a relaxed transition.

    Here are some examples from Preludio Criollo to explore these ideas.

    When making harmonic changes try the following solutions to help make the transitions musical and smooth. Practice the transition without the shift first.


    His father was a barber who sang and played the guitar, but he died when Antonio was five years old, and the family moved to Caracas. Like many South Americans of his generation, Lauro was a fervent cultural nationalist, determined to rescue and celebrate his nation's musical heritage.

    A programme of such valses by the distinguished Venezuelan pianist Evencio Castellanos convinced Lauro that the guitar, too, should have such pieces in its repertory. Among his first efforts in this genre were the pieces later known as Tatiana, Andreina, and Natalia, composed sometime between and ; their popularity inspired still others.

    In addition to his guitar pieces, Lauro composed dozens of works for orchestra, choir, piano and voice; many of which remain unpublished.

    He sometimes experimented with modern compositional techniques, but most of his guitar music remains essentially on the Calle real or "main street," an expression used by musicians of Lauro's generation to refer to a straight and direct route, without distracting harmonic detours.

    Lauro later shrugged off the experience, telling his friends that prison was a normal part of life for the Venezuelan man of his generation.


    In the next decades Lauro's compositions were published, recorded, and performed throughout the world, and his contributions to his nation's musical life were recognized and acknowledged. In spite of his modest insistence that he was a composer rather than a performer, he was persuaded by his friends to embark upon a solo concert tour which began in Venezuela and culminated in a triumphant performance at London's Wigmore Hall Shortly before his death in , he was presented with the Premio nacional de musica, his country's highest artistic award.

    Seis por derecho: Joropo, subtitled al estilo del arpa venezolana, is an extraordinarily successful version of this energetic regional dance.